As a professional marketer I can’t count the number of questions I receive in regards to social media marketing. As a general rule of thumb and only speaking from a very high level, I believe businesses should always go deep, not broad. It’s better to become a master of one or two channels than flounder in many. When you look at social media channels, a good model is to break them into social platforms vs. social networking sites. Social platforms are like soapboxes; they allow you to establish your expertise and credibility, but provide a method for feedback and discussion. Examples include blogging, YouTube podcasting and Slideshare. Social networks are more like real-world networking events. Think about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and possibly Pinterest.

Whether your business is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), it’s beneficial to choose one platform and one network to focus on initially, and really develop a deep engagement level with your ideal customers there. As you master those channels, you can then start to expand into other realms.

Happy blogging!

Christopher Robinson